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    Paladin's Quest (for Super Nintendo)

    Paladin's Quest 1. EEEB-6D1F Chezni starts with 255 max. H.P. 2. EEE6-673F Chezni starts with 255 present H.P. 3. 46EB-6D3F Chezni starts with 40 Power, 42 Attack 4. 7AEB-6D3F Chezni starts with 60 Power, 62 Attack 5. F3EB-6F3F Chezni starts with 42 Defense, 30 Endurance 6. 7AEB-6F3F Chezni...
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    Paladins Quest Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Finding some items To get some items that are almost as strong as the Kormu items, go to the tower south of Karen. (Do this when you first go here.) Go to the top and fall into one of the holes so that you land in one of the tiny rooms. Go to where there are lines on the wall. Walk into the...
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