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    My painted DC

    Hey guys, I thought you might like to check out a Dreamcast I painted a few years back. (also a great way to test out the new attachment option ;) ) I used testors model paint. Great Stuff!dctop1.jpg
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    Spray Painted Dreamcasts

    Very nice! I like #1 and #3. storybreak stars<\/title><path d="M5.146 9.01l-.19-3.623 3.057 1.985.693-1.197-3.213-1.67 3.213-1.638-.693-1.197-3.056 1.953L5.147 0H3.76l.158 3.623L.893 1.67.2 2.867l3.214 1.638L.2 6.175l.693 1.197 3.025-1.985L3.76 9.01m21.386 0l-.19-3.623 3.057...
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    I painted a PAL dc disc case today

    Pictures taken with my webcam, hence the low quality and mirrored aspect I've been toying with the idea of spraypainting one of my DC's cases silver. I haven't spraypainted on plastic before and wanted to test my paint on something else plastic before going ahead on a DC case. So I...
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