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    So which of us actually owns the most dreamcast consoles?

    Many of us own more than one dreamcast. I know for sure I don't own the most out of the people who frequent this forum, but I have 4 systems currently. Why do I have more than 1? In large part, I inherited the consoles from my friends who didn't use them/want them anymore. I also picked up a...
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    Anyone here that owns a sony psp travel case 98590?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to buy a case for my psp 3000 which does not block the headphone jack because I like to listen to music using my psp. Please tell me if the sony made psp travel case 98590 blocks the headphone jack or not. Thx in advance
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    Mw2 owns all games

    If you dont have mw2 then ur a bit stupid coz it is the most action packed , shootedd fanatic game out there.
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