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    Move Dreamcast to OUYA ??

    We'll we are fan's of the dreamcast and with this new OUYA console maybe we can bring more life to the dreamcast by creating a emulator/or Dreamcast compatbility on the OUYA. I mean its all open Source the Dreamcast is open source, so maybe we can move like the NullDC or Chankast,Makaron on the...
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    What are your thoughts on the ouya?

    !UPDATE! THE QUOTE IN CD AGES REPLY WAS JUST A PERSONAL RANT.IT WAS A WRONG CHOICE OF WORDS. IT HAS NOW BEEN UPDATED! Hi im new here and i love sega so i decided to join dreamcast-talk. I was wondering what you think about sega putting thier games on the ouya? I think it would be great to play...
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