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    OSSC Roll-Call / Newest Board Has Integrated Audio Output

    Hello, I've been running my OSSC for a while now. I got a pre-built kit and set it up a while back and never got back here to see who else has one and how they like it. For me, it's great because my TV won't properly scale 16:9 and keep the proper aspect ratio without putting up black...
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    Anyway to get full screen tv output on psp go?

    Fusa will simply freeze all my games, but I have a huge ass tv and playing at half screen size is quite annoying. Are there any other homebrew apps that can do this? I'm running 6.35 PRO-B3. Anyone who can help me get full screen, has my utmost blessing.
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    Component Output Question

    I just got my PSP 2000 all updated and set up with remotejoy so I can use my PS3 controller with it, and will be using the component cables to display on my TV. As we all know, the component cables give you big ugly borders around the game. I read somewhere that there is a plugin or something...
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    is there a wat to make a/v output all ways on

    well i found a psp 3001 outside screen is broke and the umd cover ripped off also wifi dont work (i could fix them all but im lazy) anyway i did plug in my av cable and found out where the a/v feature was turned it on and put cfw on it well just wondering if there is a registry hack or...
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    What would be the output?

    If we connect a PSP to a TV and/or Projector so, what is viewed on the PSP screen is mirrored on the output. Does the quality of the image become distorted the more you upscale on the output? What do you think?
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