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    Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (PAL)

    [h=1]Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (PAL)[/HEADING] (M) (Datel) 8WKZ-W897-NH5UZ 0M3N-5ZJC-47MVR K4VG-ET9C-3KCBD E1QY-MDQY-EMRYX AKQJ-F27W-Y7XGH 7Y0T-TVZ8-W7YKF 1R8A-YD2T-XAUPT Q40H-E7BY-K2RZK Q816-PZ3A-XHX1T 182P-BM45-W5M7Q MC3A-7K2J-2U51J 9MX9-CTR6-B78VF K8AJ-2T09-JZGQQ E52C-FGTG-A9JAD...
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    Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (NTSC)

    [h=1]Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (NTSC)[/HEADING] (M) (VirusPunk) 9803001E 78D0A1F8 Universal Enable Code (VirusPunk) F0100008 0000000E Enable Code (VirusPunk) F0100008 000001FD PAL2NTSC (VirusPunk) 00112598 24120002 Y-Fix (VirusPunk) 0011295C 00000010 00112A10 00000010 X-Fix...
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    Resident Evil: Outbreak (PAL)

    [h=1]Resident Evil: Outbreak (PAL)[/HEADING] (M) (Datel) W58U-DX0K-GGDH5 MRM4-EPNZ-B2698 19FH-TEM3-HMT77 Lone Wolf Mode (Jay007) 8W9X-2KQT-66DU7 D26D-Z02A-0P08G Only Have 1 Ally (Be warned, this code may be saved) (Jay007) URK9-4UWW-ACXUZ 1H81-HXTR-87D85 Player Is Invisible (Jay007)...
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    Resident Evil: Outbreak (NTSC)

    [h=1]Resident Evil: Outbreak (NTSC)[/HEADING] (m) (JARNOLD83 & VirusPunk) F0100008 0000000E F0100008 000001FD Alternate (m) (JARNOLD83 & VirusPunk) F01A91E4 0000000E F01A91E4 000001FD Alternate (m) 2 (JARNOLD83 & VirusPunk) F0100208 0000000E F0100208 000001FD PAL2NTSC (JARNOLD83 & VirusPunk)...
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    Resident Evil Outbreak on Dreamcast?

    I've been talking with a guy on Assembler Games and he says he has beta code that he found on a dev kit of Resident Evil Online (Outbreak) that is for Dreamcast. Do you think this is legit? There were rumors about Outbreak on dreamcast since Sega Snap was used for the games online code, and it...
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