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    Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

    In Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, the Spengler family returns to where it all started – the iconic New York City firehouse – to team up with the original Ghostbusters, who've developed a top-secret research lab to take busting ghosts to the next level. But when the discovery of an ancient artifact...
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    Library Of Ruin - Voice-Over Trailer

    Library Of Ruin - Voice-Over Trailer
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    Pokemon Sun

    A Missing Switch On Melemele Island, where the Battle Buffet is located, enter the mall and talk to a couple of NPCs who are standing near some posters, in the area's left portion. They remark that there is no switch behind the poster, which is a reference to the original Pokemon games, where...
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    Can a NTSC USA Dreamcast Play JAP NTSC Original Games?

    Hi, Can a NTSC USA Dreamcast Play JAP NTSC Original Games? I just bought from ebay dead or alive 2 jap, I just wondering if I can play it on my ntsc usa dreamcast. I have to use the utopia boot disc or I just play it without it? thx
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    Original Sega.net webpages

    There is an internet archive site called Wayback Machine that keeps archives of older/out of use webpages. You can see some old Sega.net webpages four your viewing pleasure. Just follow the link: Wayback Machine Have fun!
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    Replacing the original Dreamcast Fan

    Tonight while I was cannibalizing a Xbox with a friend of mine we were cranky salvage all the products worth keeping the only thing I took away from it was the cooling fan. The Xbox was was a very bad condition the HDD was pretty screwed up and it was not worth saving after all it was found in a...
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    Website for original manuals/inserts?

    I recently bought a copy of Power Stone 2 that was included in a bundle with other games and a Dreamcast system. The Power Stone 2 game, however, did not have the correct back insert. The deal was good enough that I went ahead and bought it, but now I am in need of the back insert. I'm also...
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    What did the original sega dreamcast website look like?

    I'm just kinda curious I figured the web archives would have it but I haven't been able to find it. Does anyone remember? Have pictures?
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    Collecting: Original vs Burned cd's

    So, most I assume most Dreamcast users have at least some burned games, since it's so easy, but what do you do with the burned discs? Hide them away in a disc tray? I toyed with the idea of getting empty cd-cases and printing labels for them, but holy crap how Ghetto would that be, although...
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    Elminage Original [NPUH-10128]

    Codes ported by lee4 at codemasters-project. I may attempt some other codes, but this game is... weird. I can't get an Inf HP code to work... Haha, honestly, I apparently have no idea what I'm doing. But here ya go: _S NPUH-10128 _G Elminage Original # <*credit to lee4*> _C0 rare drop _L...
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    LEGO Star Wars II - The Original Trilogy (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top 10 SuperKits* GameMasterZer0 33004B1F 000A *Gives you access to purchase all characters from that level. Top Access All Stories MadCatz 88997D51C8F5...
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    Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

    Game ID: AL7E-b59f2403 ----------------------------------- Source: Codejunkies Quick Stud Collect (In Episode) a2101a2a 00000001 12104d9c 0000ffff d0000000 00000000 Max Total Studs (In Cantina) a2101a2a 00000001 02104d94 0098967f d0000000 00000000 EPISODE CODES: Episode Doors IV & V...
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    Elminage Original [JPN] [ULJM-05864] CWCheats

    Elminage Original [JPN] CWCheats _S ULJM-05864 _G Elminage Original _C0 Bonus Point 64 _L 0x0039C674 0x00000040 _L 0x0039C676 0x00000040
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    Hacking a 1003 with 5.5 original firmware

    I have downloaded Hellcat recovery flasher as instructed, it appears in the menu but as soon as I press X it says "the game cannot be started. The data is corrupt". What am I doing wrong? I upgraded to 5.5 accidentally, all I want to do is play films - I use Xillisoft to convert films to PSP...
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    Where can I get an original PSP faceplate for cheap?

    Down anyone know where I can get a replacement faceplate for my psp for cheap online or at a store? Thanks.
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    psp original charger

    Can someone give me a link for an original psp uk charger????
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    Original Story from Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

    Tested & Working For All Modes On DeSmuME Infinite Health 221EB34A 00000012 P2 & P3 & P4 No Health (1 Hit Kill) 221EB626 00000000 221EB902 00000000 221EBBDE 00000000 Infinite Special (U Still Can Do {X Button} Special Without needed for the Red Bar) 621EB350 00000000 B21EB350 00000000...
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    PSP original font file

    Hi everyone, I'm in need of help with an orignal psp font folder I downloaded. I want to get my original font back and change the one I currently have which is ugly. I'm not sure how this new font was installed on the psp since it came this way when I bought it. So I just downloaded the...
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    Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Ex Hard Mode Successfully complete Story mode. Music Player Enter the 'System' menu during a battle. Press Down, Up, Left, Right, L, R to listen to the game's background music. Special Mode Successfully complete EX Hard mode. Special Stage Scenario Have at least 35 skill points before...
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    Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Gespenst Mk-II S Destroy the R-GUN on stage 30 on Ryusei's path. Gespenst-R On the Kyosuke Route, make sure Guilliam is at least level 23 by stage 19. Graviton Launcher Make sure your opposite main character (Ryusei or Kyosuke) has at least at least 55 kills by stage 32. Grungust...
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