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    help plz , regarding opera mini on 6.35

    i m using psp 3003 and i tried to install opera mini on it , but the screen after launching pspkvm just stays black , is there any way to use it on psp 3000 . my ofw is 6.35 and i m using cfw 6.35 pro b9 beta.... i have read some where it doesnt run on 6.35 and i have to downgrade to 6.20 , is...
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    PSPKVM apps besides opera mini?

    --My psp info is sigged. I think PSPKVM is very useful, but I have a feeling that most people only use it for Opera Mini, not taking it to it's full potential. I've had it for a while but i just started to tap into some of it's hidden powers.. I find it that 4.3 works better than any other...
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