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    RS3 MAINTENANCE UPDATE: 27TH FEBRUARY 2024 PSA: We're taking game worlds offline urgently as we're investigating an issue with player display names. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, a 15-min timer will appear shortly. We've also turned off the...
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    Phantasy Star Online - Episode 1&2 - Version 1.1 Codes (OFFLINE CODES ONLY)

    1 "(m)" T0U1-Y0N4-1RCNN VB3P-31QQ-KYP86 2 Code Note1 N/A 3 Journalistic Pursuit In Multi-Player GQPH-ZW5P-YMF4V GCNX-80Q4-Y4CGY QV4Y-RZWU-Z2X9J 3TN9-M1ZD-PY2VT 5VWB-AAZR-367Q3 4 Sonic 6J33-P4NQ-PJ6QV NMKA-BUUC-37WKF 5 Rico HNG4-AT9Q-7M1QF 7RUV-NQAF-VR84B 6 Flowen...
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    Phantasy Star Online - Episode 1&2 - Version 1.0 Codes (OFFLINE CODES ONLY)

    Notes 1 We are only posting codes that won't affect the online game. For example, codes that upgrade your character significantly - weapons, armor, experience, etc. - will not be posted here until the PSO servers go offline. We will not post codes that will allow you to...
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    Rare Items Online vs. Offline in PSO

    Is there any difference between finding rare items online vs. offline in PSO? I just went through the mines in VH mode offline and found all these rare items: M&A60 VISE +2 M&A60 VISE +4 Ultimate Barrier 2x Divinity Barrier 2x VARISTA +2 VARISTA +4 8x DB's SABER VISK-235W CLUB OF LACONIUM +1...
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    Phantasy Star Offline

    Is just so fucking boring! I've played quite a bit of PSO, but never offline. For those of you who aren't familiar with the game, offline mode is the only way to unlock new areas. I've gotten around this by playing in other players teams who do have the areas unlocked, or just playing the only...
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