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    Microsoft to offer a year of Xbox Live free to Office 365 subscribers

    Offer valid until September 28. Microsoft has announced today that it is offering a free year of Xbox Live to Microsoft Office 365 subscribers. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Surface tablet slump costs Microsoft $900m New Borderlands 2 DLC 'to be announced on Saturday'...
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    Iwata not convinced that PS4 and next Xbox will offer a true graphical leap

    Plus - Nintendo president predicts E3 2013 reveal of Sony and Microsoft systems. Next generation consoles in production at Sony and Microsoft may not provide a significant generational leap that consumers are accustomed to, the president of Nintendo has said. Click here to read the full...
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    Dragon Quest X screens offer a look at changing weather

    From hot springs to desert ranges and snowy mountains. Square Enix has released a new batch of Dragon Quest X screenshots which apparently give you a tour of the so-called Ogleed region. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U 'has so much more to offer'

    Gearbox promises "a very unique and compelling experience" on Nintendo's new console. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has said that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines "has so much more to offer" than the PS3 and Xbox 360 editions. Click here to read the full article More...
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