Odd Squad (stylized as ODD SQUAD) is a children's live action educational comedy mystery television series that premiered on TVOKids in Canada and PBS Kids in the United States on November 26, 2014. The series has run for three seasons and 108 episodes. The final episode of season 3 aired on July 8, 2022. A fourth season, dubbed Odd Squad UK, is set to be released in late 2024. Similar to Cyberchase and Peg + Cat, other math-centered programs aired on PBS Kids, the series involves child characters using mathematical concepts (addition, multiplication, using data in graphs, etc.) to advance each episode's plot. Created by Tim McKeon and Adam Peltzman and co-produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment and Fred Rogers Productions in association with TVOKids and Ici Radio-Canada Télé, the series features child actors (whose characters are the employees of the "Odd Squad") who use indirect reasoning and basic math to solve and investigate strange happenings in their town. A general satire of the police procedural and spy fiction genres, it uses humour to teach the audience basic math skills and math-related topics. In the UK, the series aired on CBBC and BBC Two. In Australia, it aired on ABC Kids and ABC Me.

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