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    Einstein Kindergarten

    Nukes? "The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant." ~ Darth Vader That may be so Anakin, but deathstars are also insignificant. *yawn* Only the Thanos snap is close at 50% significant. What a noob. :eyeroll:
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    Noob coming through!

    Hiya guys, I thought it was the right time to introduce myself. I'm a new dreamcast owner since the 11th of Sep (My birthday). Since that day I started to search more about the dreamcast online and was looking for a nice active forum dedicated to dreamcast mostly. Let's just say that so far I...
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    Noob needs help looking for the download index

    Hi all. I'm a longtime gamer mostly interested in video games from the 1981-1995 era. I always thought the Dreamcast had style though, so I recently picked up one and I'm looking to play some of its better games. I heard from someone in the Racketboy forums that this is one of the better...
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    Hack noob

    I have a psp 1000 model with OFW 6.20. I've never tried hacking it at all. I'd just like to enable use of GBA and PSX emulators in the simplest way possible. I've read several of the stickies and other topics relating to this and I can't figure out if I need custom firmware or not, and which one...
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    noob question about cfw and such

    I just recently got a psp go installed with cfw 6.35 pro B. I want to update the cfw because some homebrews are not compatible with my current cfw, however I'm informed that installing wrong cfw could brick your psp so I would like to ask: 1. are the released cfw compatible with psp go? or I...
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    Please help - Noob - psp fat 1004 firmware 3.03 hack

    Hy. I have 24 hours to decide do i take this psp for me , i am looking at guides and they all say i need gta liberty city for this firmware or lumines for 3.5 but i have only vice city :/ Is there any new way of hacking , can i hack this psp to install custom firmware? Thanks a lot
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    100% my psp hackable?

    OK so I know nothing. I've been reading through some forums and I'm getting conflicting information. I recently got my psp from a friend. It is a PSP-3001 System Software Version 6.60 Can this be modded? I basically want to use it to play ps1 isos and for checking out some fun homebrew. Can...
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    noob help

    hi everyone i have just got a psp go with 6.60ofw and was wondering is it possible to hack and if so could someone point me in the right direction thanx in advance vic
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    Hi iv just brought a pink psp of ebay and im looking to get the best firmware for playing games of the memory stick im also buying a black one of ebay today both will be the 1000 model also will i need a Pandora battery?
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    Noob help

    Hey guys, I'm looking to up/down grade my PSP1003 (OFW v3.52). I've read quite a few guides, and looked on many a thread here before posting but I'm still a little confused by it all. The guide I thought I could make the most of had seperates guides for Downgrading 3.50 and Below, and Firmware...
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    Noob Help

    ok so i accept i am complete noob in all this. all i know is that i got a PSP3004 with firmware of 6.20.. and i dont want to pay anything to sony...! anyone please explain me what all to do to play decent games.. (not like doom and all)
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    Noob Question

    Hello everyone, I bought a brand spankin new PSP 3000 with original firmware 6.10. Is it hackable yet? Can I use this with PSP Custom Firmware 6.20 and 6.35 PRO-B5 that was just released recently? Please let me know. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Still a NOOB! How to install 6.20 TN-E?

    Hi everyone, I still consider myself a noob. I just installed 6.20 PRO-B5 for my psp-3000. I upgraded it from OFW 6.10 using the tutorial here and it went great. I believe I have a Model 04g motherboard according to the system information. I'd like to try 6.20 TN-E. My question is can I...
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    Gen-C vs CFW 6.20 I'm a noob

    I just picked my psp back up after a long time. I have a psp 3001. Currently I am running firmware 5.03 and use the ChickHen R2 hack to then install Gen-C and play ISOs.... I was looking to come back to my psp and check out some of the newest games. I saw that there is this new CFW 6.20 pro-b5...
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    Noob Questions about 6.20 Pro-B5

    Hi everyone, I have a few questions about 6.20 Pro-B5 for my PSP 3000. According to PSP Module Checker 3.0 I have a Model: Brite (3000) Module: 04g Motherboard : Unknown I wanted to know if the old plugins that were used for 5.50 GEN-D will work on 6.20 PRO-B5? For...
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    TOTAL Noob question - really Im serious.

    Been away for a looong time. Just got 5.00 m33 installed and prometheus-3. Homebrew just dont show up. Is it still supposed to be in ISO?
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    OK Im an EXTREME noob somebody plz help me

    I have a psp 2000 with 6.39 firmware, is there anyway to hack it? or get custom firmware?
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    Noob Psp 1000 problem with previous hack

    Ok first things first. I have a PSP 1004 it has been hacked (not by me as I do not know what I would be doing) and was working fine but I decided to upgrade the memory card (I have a MS pro due dual adapter) from 8gb to 16gb. I added the 8gb card to the duel slot but the PSP didn't pick up the...
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    Noob trying to run .cso on ME-8/PRO-B8

    Hey there, I've been fiddling around with ME-8 and PRO-B8 on my PSP 3000. They both seem to work, I've managed to run SNES9X Euphoria without any problems, but every time I try to run an iso or cso, it doesn't work. I've tried putting it in an ISO folder in the root, in the GAME folder, in the...
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    Please Help noob upgrade from cfw 3.52 m33-4

    Hi Guys I need help in upgrading to the latest cfw from 3.52 m33-4. i have not used my psp in years and is now lost in process. not sure what is going on with different threads. i dont have no pandora battery or mms. Please help me get to the latest cfm so that i could play latest backup iso of...
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