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    Dreamcast motor noise?

    Okay so today I decided to buy myself a back up Dreamcast today since I have a rev 2, and it was 25 bucks and just in case mine dies. Its a model 1 Well when I started it up, the motor which moves the laser made kinda of of rough noise when it went down. As for running games it runs fine for...
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    Dreamcast s video av cable makes humming noise? Help?

    Okay so I bought an Svideo cable with Av outputs for me Dreamcast and well when I hook up the red and white cable in I get this buzzing/humming noise. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Psp lite video audio noise

    Hi, my PSP is making this annoying wurring background noise. Example in this short utube vid: Anyone else get this? Also, can I disable the internal mic? I have a headset which works but does not seem to disable the internal mic I am getting my...
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