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    Crash Nitro Kart

    Android Alley: ShortcutIf you get a boost weapon, keep it. About halfway through the track you will see a corner with a bit missing off the fence. Use the boost weapon and drive through the window. Use this if you want to cut that corner. Also, Aka Aka, Uka Uka, or Emperor Velo will work.
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    Need For Speed: Nitro [R7XP69]

    Unlock all Cups [TNTkryzt] 04151914 380000FF 0415191C 981C0054 04151920 48000010 Access all Cars & Parts [TNTkryzt] 0408DFE0 40820004 Quick Gain Style Points [TNTkryzt] 041BA530 38000064 Quick Gain Drift Points [TNTkryzt] 04290E58 C003003C Quick Gain Air Points [TNTkryzt] 04291118...
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    Need For Speed Nitro [R7XE69]

    Press A to start Changer [BoxNinja] 42000000 92000000 04FCA4DC 002000XX 04FCA4E0 XXXXXXXX 04FCA4E4 XXXXXXXX 04FCA4E8 XXXXXXXX 04FCA4EC XXXXXXXX 04FCA4F0 XXXXXXXX 04FCA4F4 XXXXXXXX 04FCA4F8 XXXXXXXX 04FCA4FC XX005072 E0000000 80008000 *Screenshot by Lightshot Inf. Money : [777eThOd*] 42000000...
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    WCW Nitro

    All RingsAt the title screen press c-left, L, c-right, R, Z. A sound will confirm a correct code entry. The new rings include Graveyard, Spaceship, Circus, Hive, Turbo, Wunderland, Boudoir, Hall of Mirrors, Rec Room (this is my favorite! you get to wrestle on a pool table!), Psychodelic, Disco...
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    WCW Nitro (NTSC-U)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top 1984 DiamondCutter 80063698 0001 Top Boudoir DiamondCutter 8006367C 0001 Top Circus DiamondCutter 80063668 0001...
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    Asphalt 3D: Nitro Racing

    Easy Drift PointsBefore finishing your laps, drive the wrong way for a few laps. Then, drive in the correct direction and drift.
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    WCW Nitro

    81229152 03E8 Infinite Health P1 81229152 0000 No Health P1 812296BA 03E8 Infinite Health P2 812296BA 0000 No Health P2 81229C22 03E8 Infinite Health P3 81229C22 0000 No Health P3 8122A18A 03E8 Infinite Health P4 8122A18A 0000 No Health P4 812291AA 0000...
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    Crash Nitro Kart Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Unlock Characters To unlock the following characters, commit to the corresponding criteria: Geary: Beat Geary at Teknee. Krunk: Beat Krunk at Terra. N. Tropy: Beat the game with all Team Cortex characters. Nash: Beat Nash at Barin. Norm: Beat Norm at Fenomena. Spyro: Beat the game...
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