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    nice collections!

    Its nice to see so many sweet collections posted here. once i get my hands on a digital cam i will post my collection aswell got around 50 games all orginal and in 97% of em are in perfect condition. Also got a nice collection of sega saturn games altho this is not the place to discuss it i...
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    Hello! Nice to meet you!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have been playing DC when i got mine in 2001. It has been under my tv, in storage, grandmas attic, and has moved 3000 miles to CA with me. just finished burning some 200 cds for it. :lol: time to play all the games i could never afford! i used to have all kinda...
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    In need of a nice VGA adapter, can I get a reccomendation?

    Sadly, I lost a great auction with a console, controllers etc and a vga cable =( Now I am only seeing $60 and up VGA cables online, can someone recommend a decent priced well made one they have? Or a website to order from? I also am in the market for an AUX cable for the VGA to my TV but...
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    Nice article

    Consoles that won't die: The Sega Dreamcast | GamesBeat Enjoy!
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    good sa
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