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    Newbie - Help!

    Hi guys, I just purchased a Dreamcast and a couple of games (got a nostalgia itch I want to scratch!), and I'm having a bit of trouble. I got Sonic Adventure and Chu Chu Rocket with it, and whilst Chu Chu Rocket seems to work fine, Sonic Adventure steadfastly refuses to work. I put it in the...
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    Newbie Can't Burn

    I grabbed 102 Dalmations and Bomberman from the isozon site. I tried to just DiscJuggler to burn each CDI file using the "write and verify" option. Each time, the app said "this may have write errors, fix them [yes] [no] [cancel]" Can anyone say what might be up here or should I ignore this...
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    newbie with a question

    Hello newbie here but i have loved the Dreamcast from day one. I bought a Japan release DC when they came out so as you can imagine living in the UK it cost a lot. I remember buying it with a stepdown transformer, sonic adventure, seag rally 2 and blue stinger and i was blown away by it. My...
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    Newbie Saying Hi!

    Just wanted to say hey to everyone, about to repurchase a dreamcast again for some retro gaming. Really upset I got rid of all my stuff years ago I had a ton of games, imports, and accessories. Figured I would join the site since I have been reading a few threads. I am glad to see there is...
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    Newbie Questions - CFW & memory stick

    Hello. 1. What's the difference between 6.20 TN-B and 6.20 PRO-B5? Which one is better? 2. Is there any downside to 5.55 CFW compare to 6.20 CFW? Like not able to play some games? 3. Will any memory stick work for loading ISO/CSO games? Or does it have to be official memory stick? 4. Where...
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    PSP 2000 Newbie

    Just swapped my DSi for a PSP2000. It's running 6.20 OFW. The code on the box is F. I want to play emulators and ISO's on it, but there's so much out of date info on the web, I thought it best if someone can confirm which version of CFW I should be installing, and point me to a guide to doing...
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    newbie help required

    good morning guys, i recently bought my son a new game for the psp (1003) it wouldnt play as it required an update so i updated the firmware to 6.35. previously i had games on my memory stick and used hellcats recovery flasher and 500m33_6 and i could play the games on my memory stick however...
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    PSP newbie questions

    i own a psp 2006 slim. i had it "hacked" because i have no knowledge on hacking psp's. its running on version 5.50 gen B full. what's the current/latest hacked version compatible and safe with my psp model that has a lot of compatible games?
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