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    NAOMI...What If...

    If the Dreamcast was a NAOMI in disguise, then what about the GD-ROMS that were in the then released after the Dreamcast was abandoned? Like... NAOMI ROM BOARD: Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf.Achse (2008) Dynamite Deka EX / Asian Dynamite (2007) Exzeal (2007) Illvelo (2008) Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete...
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    If you can bring just 1 Naomi arcade title to DC...

    After the "If You Could Revive a Cancelled DC Game..." thread was created with much success, I've been thinking about posting a very similar thread myself. Let me go on the record and say that ONE the biggest reasons that i love the Dreamcast was due it shared relationship with the Sega NAOMI...
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    The Game Station Talks about Sega's Naomi Hardware

    Retro Hardware - Naomi - TGS - YouTube I found this on IPW. and i thought i'll share it with you guys i know you all will be interested.
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    Dead or Alive 2 Naomi Tech Demo

    I've been doing some extensive research on DOA2 for the Dreamcast regarding its various releases and whatnot. In the process I came across this very awesome tech demo of DOA2 in what looks like to be in its very early stages of development for the NAOMI coin op. It's rather amazing really if...
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    NAOMI titles that are cross compatible with their DC...

    conversions. More importantly, how do they interact with each other in terms of content and/or features? For those that aren't aware, certain Sega NAOMI releases in Japan were designed to be compatible with their respective home counterparts via the Dreamcast's wonderful VMU (with the right...
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    Atomiswave games converted to Naomi

    Breaking CPS3 This is big news, as the Atomiswave had some amazing fighters. Once these get converted to the Naomi, the next step should be the DC. I am EXCITED.
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    Does anyone here own Naomi or Naomi 2 arcade systems here?

    As they are the arcade versions and upgraded version of dreamcast. I was wondering if anyone else owned Naomi or Naomi 2 arcade systems here. I personally own a Naomi 2 and have around 25 or so games on Cartridge and GD-Rom.
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