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    Sega Trademarks new hardware names!

    Is Sega planning a return to the console market? - CNET All speculation seems wide open on this folks. And even if it turns out to be new arcade hardware it's still a good sign that Sega's not out of the Hardware business. My own thoughts about this right now are that based on the broadrange...
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    Future Sega console names?

    I know there probably will never be another Sega console after the Dreamcast, but let's have some fun; what would be a good name for a new Sega console? Because let's face it, they wouldn't call it the Dreamcast 2. :roll: Here's some of my ideas (which are all alliterations): 1. Sega Spectrum...
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    Changing names in Savegames?

    Id love to be able to change names in psp saves somehow. Mostly because I change my mind on a name halfway through a game often or I want to use a 100% to mess around in without having some silly long annoying name in places (like MGS:PW or DJMAXP3 for example). Anyway to do this? Im on a...
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