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    Metal Slug Anthology (NA) RMLEH4

    For Metal Slug 1 Player 1 Infinite Ammo 007FBB82 000000FF Infinite Grenades 007FBB81 00000063 Infinite Cannon 007FBCD1 00000063 Metal Slug 2 Infinite Ammo 00907A0C 000000FF Infinite Grenades 00907A09 00000063 Infinite Cannon 00909F60 00000063 Metal Slug X Infinite Ammo 00B07DE4...
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    Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (RWSE8P, NA version)

    Okay, straight ports from PAL: Allow overriding player characters [link] 041CD914 60000000 Use together with the player list - activating this code will enable overriding player characters Allow overriding CPU characters [link] 041CDE70 60000000 Use together with the player list - activating...
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    Elebits (NA) - RELEA4

    RELEA4 Elebits (NA) Get an elebit for max watts [Linkums] 4A000000 80000000 24EA24A4 00000000 14EA24A4 0098967F E0000000 80008000 Max Gun Level [Linkums] 4A000000 80000000 14EA24B4 00000009 E0000000 80008000 No noise restriction [Linkums] 82200000 80EA4D74 84200000 80EA22AC No broken items...
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