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    Hacking into my psp go n1004

    Just been offered a psp-go that says PSP-N1004 First thing I did was updating it via the internet. I'm running official 6.38 now. Big mistake no doubt... because I'm now trying to find a way to hack the baby. I like the 10 free games that came with it so far, but soon I will be wanting to...
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    PSP Go N1004, DC: 9C, Ver. 5.70 to 6.20. How to start TN-E ?

    Hi guys, I in the past had a 1004 and a 3004. ( Sold both ). Now I've just bought the Go N1004 and it had 5.70 OFW. I've just downloaded and installed the 6.20 from psp-hacks.com I want to know, to start the TN-E do I only need the files in this link: PSPHacks.com - psp 6.20 tn-e released/...
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    PSP Go N1004: Did someone install the 6.20 PRO-B6 Permanent ?

    Hi again, As anyone in the forum, I want to be 100% sure that I won't brick my psp during this process. I'm asking this question to the owners of a PSP Go N1004 ( 5th generation motherboard ). This is what PSPIdent told me: Did you install 6.20 PRO-B Permanent ? Did you risk Brik ...
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    uogpspkai 3.4.3 on a PSP Go N1004 6.20 shutdown

    Hi, I tried to use the emulator version "3.4 test 3" on my psp, that for now uses TN-E, and it starts, but when loading a rom it gives me a black screen and shuts down ( totaly, have to restart the HEN ). Is there someway to contact Kai & ask him about this issue ? I also tried the "3.2 test...
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    PSP GO N1004 PB - Button Problems

    Good day everyone, Hope you all are doing fine. I hope I'm allowed to post about PSP Go systems. I've bought my son a PSP go yesterday, second hand unit. It has a few strange "problems" though. 1. The start button doesn't work. My son managed to figure out though if you flick the power/reset...
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