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    PSPgo n1001 - Do i get 6.2 or 6.35 ofw?

    I just got a PSPgo n1001 its on a 5.7 firmware and i plan to mod the psp with some CFW to play my backups and psx iso backups. I see not to get the 6.37 update, but should I get the 6.2 or the 6.35 update? I have a feeling the 6.20 seems better and has more CFW's. What do you think?
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    PSP N1001 CFW Clarification and Benefits

    Hello, So I've talked with a few people in various places and flashed the 6.39 pro-b8 onto my pspgo (N1001) 5g. I'm wondering what the benefit of going to 6.20 pro-b8 would be. -Is it only that the patch is permanent? -Does it have the same game compatibility or will some new games ask...
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