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  1. F

    Mystic Heroes

    1 [M] YUGD-0N8D-CKNZE 0PKJ-16HD-V23M8 2 Max Health 6CZK-XDUB-Y71TA WXY1-67E0-GFA9G 3 Max Magic JB1F-VJK3-26MBB TPU7-AF0V-QGYDX 4 Max Attack MTD3-W38H-1Y0UH MG75-98PZ-VT4EF 5 Max Defense T30U-1UW1-3XGK6 2FHH-JHNG-ZBR9B 6 Max Rune Attack TG39-HG9E-0294R 2U48-3Y4U-KJWN1 7 Max Rune...
  2. F

    Mystic Towers

    All CheatsAt any time during gameplay, type in "BALDRIC" without the quotes. Your score will be reset to zero, but you will be able to enter the following codes. Press Shift H to get maximum health. Press Shift C to get 10 coins. Press Shift W to get full weapons. Press Shift K to get all...
  3. F

    Mystic Quest GameShark Codes

    1. 0114B2D7 Infinite HP 2. 013F58D8 Infinite LP
  4. I

    final Fantasy Mystic Quest Instruction Manual

  5. I

    Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Chat

    Feel free to discuss Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest here. This thread should be used to generally discuss this game. Your personal opinions, thoughts, concerns, and other comments about Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest are all welcome. Has anyone else here played this game other than myself? Although...
  6. F

    Mystic Quest Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Get 198 seeds To get 198 seeds, use up all of your seeds. Then go to a person who sells seeds and ask to buy them. Tell the person you want 0 seeds for 0 G. Now look in your inventory, it will say you have 0 seeds, but use it and you will see 99 seeds where the seeds are kept and 99 seeds where...
  7. F

    Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Be invisible First go the ship, go up where the mast is. There will be many barrels that you can push. Starting from the right side, push the barrel that's in you way down enough so that you can get around it and push it up, until you can't push it up anymore. Then get on the right side of the...
  8. F

    Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (time attack)

    What is the fastest time you have beaten this game? I beat the game in 4 hrs 24 min. Any challengers?
  9. F

    Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest 83AF-D40D Infinite cure potions DDA4-D40D Cure potion restores life points to maximu C96B-64AB Infinite life points--can make enemies invincible; switch off to defeat the enemies C9B8-D4A6 Infinite ninja stars C9B0-D7A6 Infinite...
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