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    MVC2 & Project Justice, pal promo; anyone seen this yet?

    so I just bought MVC2 & project justice PAL versions when they arrived it seemed they are both factory sealed and on both boxes (not on the wrap , but under it) are "promotional copy not for resale" stickers I mean WTF!! I didn't know this existed, it has to be real since they're sealed
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    MvC2: Dreamcast Port Still Preferred?

    Here is a fun fact. At a fighting game tournament called Season's Beatings: Velocity in Ohio, October 2011, a $1000 sixteen-man, winner-take-all tournament was held for Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Their choice of system, the Dreamcast. Apparently, the 360/PS3 versions are not arcade perfect. I know...
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    MvC2 on the Dreamcast...

    By now, can everyone here agree that the game has earned for itself the title of the greatest fighter on the system??? Lots of content, A supremely high quality conversion from arcade to home and easily one the largest most dedicated player base which has kept the game rather relevant even after...
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