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    Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

    "I like______!" Unlockables To unlock these, choose the specified phrase when starting a new game. Unlockable How to Unlock AUSCAM Camo. Choose "I like MGS1!" Banana Camo. Choose "I like MGS PEACE WALKER!" Desert Tiger Camo and Raiden Mask in the intro cutscene. Choose "I like MGS2!"...
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    Mystery Of The Mummy

    Chapter 1: Item locations First door key: Click on the sphinx to your right when you first enter. When the panel comes up, the numbers to put in are OK:2200, MK:1650, NK:1069, LD:332. Anubis medallion: In first room, in the plant on opposite side of stairs when you first come in. Hammer: In...
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    Mummy Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Unlock all maps Enter level code as KLDQ and you should have every map unlocked. Various Passwords 128T XXNY 9*8N S50N KH8G TH8Z TK*D BHN0 BGPH DBHH DDHF XXHY 55HX DBKQ
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