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    DC Motherboard schematics?

    Would anyone here happen to know of a complete schematics diagram of the DC's motherboard? All I could find was this, but it isn't complete: I am asking because I just bought a defective DC, and found that two...
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    PSP Backlight Motherboard Interface Attatchment.

    I was wondering if someone could offer help in fixing a psp I bought from a friend. While replacing the lcd he somehow pulled off the plastic component on the motherboard that the backlight attaches to. I ordered another component but I'm stuck on how to solder it to the motherboard. Any attempt...
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    motherboard question.

    my PSP screen is all messed up, and my UMD drive no longer works, so I was going to buy a new PSP Slim, but it would be useless to me on official firmware. could I take the motherboard out of my current slim, and have it work in a newer slim?
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    PSP Motherboard

    Hey, I bricked my psp 3000 and i am searching for a seller online who sells TA-090 motherboards having official firmware version 5.03 on it. :sigh: By the way, i wanted to know if it is possible to downgrade a psp 2000 with V6.20 to V5.50(or less) using PSP Grader.:(
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    Motherboard Generation

    I am planing on buying a PSP-3000. Is there a way of knowing the motherboard generation it has from the box? I know about the tool posted on the forums, but I dont wanna buy a PSP to find out its not the one I need. (looking for g1-g5)
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    I'm not sure what motherboard I have

    Hey guys, I bought this PSP from a pawn shop like place for electronics. It was $80 and in very good condition. It's a PSP-2001 and I understand that some motherboards aren't hackable, but most sites I've seen were outdated so I don't know if that's even a concern anymore. Not only that, my PSP...
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