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    Faster Hatch Press - Instantly derMod : 1 Modify and Save. (Mods.txt) Chunk ID : 102 If there are mods using the same Chunk ID, please let me know. UE4SS 2.5.2 Version User Install (For users who are using the past version) : 1. Download. 2. Xinput zip...
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition - Update 1.6.640

    Patch notes below: Update Version 1.6.640 PC (Steam): 25.9MB FIXES Resolved issue preventing some mods from properly loading. Resolved an issue causing the player's Creation Credit balance to display incorrectly after immediately purchasing credits. Resolved issue preventing player from...
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    Max Level Increase Frequently Asked Questions Q: Game crashes, halp! A: Game can crash with or without mod, its in EA. But if you have have consistent crashes with specific mod installed do next: 1) set bUseUObjectArrayCache to false in the UE4SS-settings.ini file. 2)...
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    Infinite Weight In Camp 📄 Description? Sick of moving ores between bases on multiple rounds? Realized your pal made a bit too much wood while you were gone and now you can't transfer it all? Or simply want to have more freedom in your own camp? This mod simply adds a ton of...
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    Shenmue 1 and 2 Mods

    Sorry, I am unfamiliar with this. If I find any info I will let you know. Good luck with what you are trying to do. Sounds very cool.
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    Do it yourself VGA mods...

    Sorry if this has already been posted. I was wondering if anyone has attempted a mod like this: Flickr or this: • View topic - Region-changed Dreamcast with built-in VGA & S-video Seeing as how used Dreamcasts are fairly cheap, and I already have a few, I was thinking...
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    New to Dreamcast Mods

    Hey guys, hows it going? I recently bought a dreamcast off ebay for a good price, and thought I could have some fun with it since I like old school machines (and i used to own a dreamcast back in the day). It was really cool to see there is still a dreamcast community out there, and I just...
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    What mods for your DC you are using?

    I Bored the current topics, so bored to make a dummy topic. Anyway... You can show your Dreamcast how looks if you applied Custom Shell mod. EDIT: Fixed my error on the text.
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    A few simple mods

    Hey guys, Finished a few hardware mods. I think it came out great, figured i'd share here Before SD card addon board Installed and attached interface board Reassembled. I ended up burning off the contact point for the black wire of the access led. Which sucks but its a minor...
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    simple mods

    im 13 and a big fan of the DC and have just starting importing and any know of any mods for my DC that even i can do. :)
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    Half Life Mods

    My first post so wanted to say hi to all you regulars. I seem to have a soft spot for the dreamcast and despite newer consoles it seems to have found a place in my heart and I still regularly play it. I was wondering if anyone knows a complete list of dreamcast half life mods. I know of...
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    PSP 3001 Any Perma Mods?

    Guy's I'm sorry for asking this question has probably been asked billions of times and I can see how this can get annoying, but I just bought a PSP 3001 and its on firmware 5.02. My 2001 is on 5.50 Prome-4. My question is if I upgrade my 3001 to that will it brick it?
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    Good hardware mods site?

    I'm not sure if there's a sticky somewhere but i searched and really did not find anything. I'm looking to upgrade my fat psp's hardware. I'm wanting to buy a full clear faceplate set. My question is whats a good site to buy these parts from? i saw a post that said acidmods but I went to the...
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    Psp Mods help

    Hi everyone. Ive finished what i wanted to with my psp for the software. now i want to know what mods on the outside i can do on my psp 1002? Because im sick of my basic white psp. any suggestions??
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    PSP slim hardware mods help

    I was looking on the internet and found a lot of hardware mods that I want to try but all of the tutorials I found were for a Phat PSP I want to put an extra 40mm speaker in the UMD door to boost the volume and remove the UMD drive at the same time I also want to boost the signal strength for my...
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