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    ModNation Racers [UCES-01327] CWCheats

    _C0 Top View #Credits jjoao _L 0x206D2454 0xC2144C78 _L 0x206D7694 0x3DC2144C _L 0x206F36D4 0x3DC2144C _C0 Inf Bombs All Maps #Credits jjoao #Send only bombs when they understand _L 0x605E0014 0x00004000 _L 0x00020001 0x0000017C _C0 All Levels 1ST #Credits jjoao _L 0x60587854 0x00000001 _L...
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    Modnation Racers returns to XMB HELP!

    I'm using 6.20 tn-d with aloader and all my games work but modnation racers when I load it, it returns to the XMB with no error code and no crash.HELP!
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