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    MegaMan Battle Network 2 Area Modifier (Codebreaker)

    This is a FULL list of the areas in MegaMan Battle Network 2. Megaman Battle Network 2 Area Modifier 82000dc4 XXXX ------------- 0:ACDC Metroline 1:Marine Harbor Metroline 2:Okuden Camp Entry 3:Den Airport 4:Net Airport 5:Netopia Park 6:Crew Room 7:Kotobuki 8:Penthouse...
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    New Super Mario Bros.Enemy Character Modifier?

    Here's one that sounds like it's probably easier than it really is... Would it be possible to create a code that lets you replace one type of enemy with another? For example, replace all the Goombas with Koopas or Bob-bombs? Or, even better, a code that would let you replace stationary...
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