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    Modem Question?

    Did all US DC's ship with a 56K modem as standard? I have a DC that has a "blank" modem, another words that instead of the modem being snapped in place there is a piece that fits the same spot the modem is in and looks exactly like a the modem but has no internals nor a plug-in for a phone...
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    OpenDC Project ? Modem Idea

    Well I was looking at the Open Pandora Project, which is a community supported project that was made by a small group. Basically I was thinking about The VM Scene, that pretty much died, The Dreamcast 2 that Most likely will never come to life, the BBA, SD Cards, and a controller that has dual...
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    Dreamcast Modem Hack

    Dreamcast modem hack first test - YouTube I don't know if any of you seen this but I came in contact with the guy to ask him to share it with the DC Scene. He responded, asking for a forum that's active, I told him come check out here or dcemulation but I havent hear from him since. So I'll...
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    Internal LVI/USB modem?

    Has anyone tried to install an LVI and USB modem inside the Dreamcast modem? The RJ11 socket could be removed and replaced with a USB socket to connect to the Pi. I've had a look inside and there may be enough room. Does anyone have a photo of the inside of one of those USB modems?
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    X-Band Modem Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Change screen font Enter the following controller actions at the player selection screen. Earthquake font Press Right, Left, Right(2), Up, Right, Left. Expanding font Press Up, Down, Up(2), Down, Left, Up. Normal font Press Left, Right, Left(2), Up, Left, Right.
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