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    Is it normal for the CMOS battery to be bent on the MOBO?

    Inside my rev 0 dreamcast I bought back like like 08, the battery sits on an angle where the controller port is, and other dreamcasts didn't have this issue, the batteries were up straight. This is what I am talking about: Access Denied That's the picture of the inside of my dreamcast, if you...
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    PSP MoBo

    Hey I need to know where I can get a PSP Fat MoBo any hackable type please and how to install it.
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    Drifting Due to Mobo?

    Hey everyone. I'm relatively new to the PSP scene. Sorry if this thread is in the wrong forum. Anyways, I recently replaced my PSP 2000's housing. I finished up the installation and everything was fine until I started up a game and noticed my cursor was drifting to the top left of the screen. I...
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    Is psp phat mobo broken?

    I dropped my psp a couple times and now it won't start. I tried making a pandora battery and mms, but the dc menu won't show up. I already tried pressing the display button, and i know that the battery works, because i used it on my friends psp. I am wondering if the motherboard is broken...
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