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    Rumor: Microsoft's internal studios behind, courted Respawn for exclusive Here's a few bits about the Respawn deal: "The long-awaited first game from Respawn Entertainment—the studio helmed by the creators of Call of Duty—will be exclusive to the next-gen Xbox, according to two unrelated sources familiar with the...
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    The Xbox 720 Files: Microsoft's master-plan for the next generation

    CVG examines key details and breakthrough technologies found in the leaked 56-page document. Seven days ago, a supposedly "leaked" Xbox 720 roadmap surfaced on the online document archive Scribd. Soon after, links to that document began to circulate across social networking sites, before...
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    CVG sources: Microsoft's Xbox 720 document is genuine

    But some details are no longer accurate, well-placed source claims. The eye-opening 56-page document which outlines Microsoft's next-generation console master-plan is not a fake, a well-placed studio source has told CVG. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Expendables 2...
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    Microsofts plans for "Next Gen" (Rumors etc.)

    So i saw this interesting topic brought up else where so i copied the info below... Essentially, the concept/speculation is that Microsoft is planning to release two separate, completely different Xbox branded products next generation, each of which are roughly as detailed below. Product...
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