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    psp lite video/audio disable internal mic

    Thought I had posted this earlier but couldn't find it! ... umm ... sorry if this is a duplicate ... Is there a way to disable the internal mic. The manual says that when you use a headset then the internal mic will be disabled. This does not seem to be happening ... so, I thought I would...
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    What is the use of mic in psp 1001

    What is the use of mic in psp 1001 (fat) My modded psp mic
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    Skype mic

    is there any way to use like my computer mic instead of buying the skype mic
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    Anybody use the PSPJ-15015 mic?

    I was wondering if you can use it as an external mic for skype and how well it works with it.
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    Using a Built-in PSP Mic on a PC

    Alright, new to the forums, not new to PSP hacking. My specs: PSP3000, w/ 6.20 Pro B-7 Permanent. PC: Windows XP Problem: I'd like to know if somehow by some mystical chance, is it possible to link a PSP3000 via USB to a PC and use it's built-in mic as a standard PC mic? I ask this because...
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