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    Dreamcast Now but for bba, pc, other method users/players?

    The Dreamcast has made a lot of advancements in the last couple of years like getting online with a raspberry pi and having a website/app to see who's online playing the Dreamcast right now and the game there playing, raspberry pi and Dreamcast Now made that possible for that to happen. The only...
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    Trying to determine which method to use to hack my psp go, please help

    Hey folks, I've got a PSP Go at firmware 6.20 and I'm a little confused as to which method is best to hack it. Would it be best to upgrade to 6.35 and then run 6.35 PRO-B3? Or is there a better method for 6.20? Any advice would be appreciated. I know 6.35 PRO works, but if there's a better...
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