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    New memstick from SanDisk and Sony: 2TB of storage incoming

    Immediately i was like WTF OMG WTF WTF WTF???!?!?!??!?!?!?? lol
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    psp memstick holder

    I havent seen this done yet. Its is simply a umd case opened up and cut to allow the umd plastic case to be used as a memstick holder. Here is the link
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    No seplugins on memstick

    Alright guy's I'm running a PSP 3001 6.39 Pro-B6 I'm trying to get cxmb running I've searched and searched and can't find anything useful I think my issue is that I don't have a seplugins folder I tried creating one still no luck I followed someones tutorials here but forgot the name I used a...
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