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    Where can I get a real mem stick?

    I recently purchased a card off ebay from a user in china. The card took an additional couple of weeks to arrive because of the chinese new year. When the card finally got here, it's given me nothing but trouble. Only 2 psp games will show up at a time and half the time when I try to put...
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    Not sure if mem stick is fake

    Recently ordered an 8GB Sony memory stick online (3rd party Amazon seller, 23$ including shipping), and it had some trouble with data transferring. I tried reformatting on the computer and I noticed the maximum size for it was only 3.5 GB, but when reformatting on the PSP it goes back to 7600 or...
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    restore a psp full brick with a flash backup on the mem stick

    i have a full brick that will ocassionally turn on with a pandora and an mms but when updating cfw the minute it gets to flash 1 it crashes i have a backup of the flash so i need to restore it how? Auto-Merge: this is a 1000 with 3.xx
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