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    Medabots - Metabee (Europe)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Leader MadCatz 5DB665EBE016 Top Partner #1 MadCatz 5DB665EFE21A Top Partner #2 MadCatz 5DB665EBE01A Top ! MadCatz 58B8CF563B3F Top ? MadCatz F8BDCDC61A3F Top Alien MadCatz 0BE88A236134 12E8DF02EF78 13DC59B7F67F Top Angel MadCatz...
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    Medabots: Rokusho Version Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    All Medal Types Kabuto Kuwagata Mermaid ?(actual medal name) Spider Bear Monkey Devil Unicorn Phoenix Ghost Alien
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    Medabots: Metabee Version Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Anti-Air Medabots with Air-Type Legs (A Lightblue icon covered with a Medabot with wings) are very weak against Anti-Air. Anti-Sea Medabots with Sea-Type Legs (A darkblue icon covered with a Medabot with fins) are very weak against Anti-Sea. Beat Mega Emperor Metabee's Parts: HEAD...
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    Medabots AX Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Arcbeetle After finishing the tournament, face the Rubberobos. It takes skill and practice to defeat them, especially Seaslug. However, with the missile head, shoot accurately and it will be a one-hit kill. After defeating the Rubberobos, open your tournament prize for Arcbeetle, the...
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