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    the never ending thread

    post as much as you like, as often as you like as we attempt to make a thread with a massive amount of replies.
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    PlayStation Network friends list's massive boost available now

    If you've been brushing up against the PlayStation 3's 100 friend limit for awhile, Sony has good news for you: You can add up to 2,000 friends to your PlayStation Network account right now, almost a week ahead of the PS4's launch. However, until November 15th you can only view your expanded...
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    Massive Zone of the Enders HD screenshot gallery

    A vast array of pics from the ZOE HD collection. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Diablo 3 tops May US game sales Tony Hawk dev signs up for Call of Duty EA: NFS The Run 'didn't come together' but Most Wanted will 'dial it up' BioShock...
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