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    Blue Marlin game genie codes (for NES)

    Blue Marlin GENTUIZA Line is a 1000 yards long AESVOXEG Catch fish right after they bite--most of the time PESVOXEK When fish bite they are close to the boat OOSVOXEK Line is set to 153 feet PESVXIAA Pull fish in quicker...
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    Blue Marlin, the Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Blue Marlin NES-8N-USA Hot-B Blue Marlin(tm) Instruction manual --- 1. The world of blue marlin fishing To sports-fishing fans the world over, the Blue Marlin provides the most enjoyable and dynamic challenge of all. Dubbed the "king of fish", Blue Marlin have an average body length...
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    Blue Marlin cheat codes (for NES)

    Passwords Type 7ZV2JH GGF65X .8XXGL STS4XP NMLLZZW to pick any ocean you want and your name will be BADBOY-1 To choose any board, enter the password C3C3C3 755XCQ L955HQ 3F2PP5 LLTTZKP 63CX.F-WSHJK PFTT.4 6PPPPWWWWLH5 Start at Hawaii-3
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