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    Cleaning marker off the DC emblem?

    So one of my Dreamcasts is in pretty horrible cosmetic shape. Now I'm gonna try and scrub off that residue all over the top of it, but I wanted to know the best way to clean the marker that's on the emblem at the top. Any ideas?
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    Max & the Magic Marker

    Codes By Demonic722 Edit: Updated Code Names !!!Max & the Magic Marker (E) !!B4HP CF08E977 ::Max Pickups :::Press Select+Up 94000130 FFBB0000 DA000000 02084BD4 D7000000 02084BDC D2000000 00000000 ::Max Secrets :::Press Select+Down 94000130 FF7B0000 DB000000 02084BE0 D8000000 02084BE4...
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