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    Nintendo Wii turns red with glee for Super Mario's 25th anniversarii

    First of all, put away those credit cards, American readers, this is so far a Japan-only affair. Nintendo's celebrations of Mario's 25th birthday are extending beyond custom DSi and DSi LL consoles to a repainted Wii machine and a pretty sweet bundle to go with it. The sporty red number above...
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    Mario's Time Machine Hints & Passwords (for NES)

    Locations of the items Torch 776 B.C. Apple 1687 Egg 80 B.C. Steering Wheel 1520 Quill Pen 1602 Throne 31 B.C. Sword 1192 Physics Equation 1905 Propeller 1903 Flag (USA) 1969 Flag (New Indian) 1947...
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