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    Sega Marine Fishing (USA)

    [h=3]Sega Marine Fishing (USA)[/HEADING] Max Points (Arcade) CABBE5ED0000270F Inf. Time (Arcade) D53081CA000042EA Low Time (Mini Games) D53081CA0000000A Max Items Available 83738F14000003E7 All Aquarium Items Save the game with this code on, reset the game and load the save. Otherwise...
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    Sega Marine Fishing - Cannot use Powell

    I am wondering if you might be able to help me. I've been playing SMF and have about 200 items. I started out using Powell (by default) and at some point switched to using the Captain and then to Masala. I now seem to be stuck using one of those two guys. I can't switch back to Powell, and I...
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    Sega Marine Fishing Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Dogtooth Tunas Succesfully complete arcade mode three times to make the Dogtooth Tunas cacheable in the Fishing Port stage. Fishing Port stage Succesfully complete arcade mode twice to unlock the Fishing Port stage in original mode under the free fishing option.
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