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    24 hour Dreamcast Marathon

    I have a Dream.......Cast Nothing found for 2009 01 16 Sega Fans Plan A 24 Hour Dreamcast Marathon
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    9/9/09 Dreamcast Charity Marathon

    I am soo sorry that I never got around to joining this site. Anyway I am running a live streaming charity dreamcast marathon. I hope some of you can help me out and maybe play some PSO with me later in the marathon. Anyway here's some more info about the event itself. BTW if anyone lives in...
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    Marathon trilogy

    Hey, I was thinking, it would be great to commemorate the launch of Halo Reach and the DC 11th birthday with trying to fix the Marathon trilogy that was already ported to Dreamcast all those years ago. For those that dont know, Aleph One is a pc port of the Mac games that Bungie made before...
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