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    Dreamcast manuals

    Some people may know me as a huge Dreamcast fan. So i collect anything Dreamcast related. I have just updated my Manual collection. As it stands, i have 495 manuals in English, Japanese and French languages. I need all of the below to complete what i'd like. So if anyone can scan and upload or...
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    Capcom points from manuals for Capcom DC games

    What could you do with these points? I assume there was probably some kind of Capcom web shop where you could buy stuff with points? Also, has anyone ever bought a used Capcom game and had the points coupon cut off? I never have, but just saw that another forum member did in a post in the...
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    Attn Impulse :) Sonic Mania Manuals for Sega fan sites!!

    IMPULSE :D:D:D So the Sonic the Hedgehog channel announced that all Sega fan sites will get Sonic Mania Manuals if you reach out to them Here's their channel Sonic the Hedgehog - YouTube Please let them know you're interested so they'll hook us all up Sonic Mania manuals cuz that'd be...
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    Ultima The False Prophet Instruction Manuals

    Ultima The False Prophet Ultima The False Prophet ======================== Table of Contents ----------------- 3 History 5 Beginning the Adventure 10 Explanation of Status Screen 11 Centers of Power and Learning 13 Other Places of Note 14 Life in Britannia 16 Combat 18 Magic 20...
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