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    Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (U) [!] game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Pro Action Replay Codes: Invincibility - 00D510:A6 (Infinite Health and enemies die when they touch you.) Infinite Lives - 00D0B9:09 -Rune Infinite Time Seconds - 00D4EA:59 -Rune Infinite Time Minutes - 00D4EB:09 -Rune Infinite Tokens - 00D501:99 -Rune Infinite Energy - 00D0BA:3F + 00DBFE:F3...
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    Mick & Mack: Global Gladiators Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Extra Lives Pause the game and press A, A, A, B, B, B, C, C, C, B, A. Level Skip While playing, pause the game and press B, C, B, A, B, B, C, B, A, B.
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