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    Luigi's Mansion 2 could be on Wii U

    Is Luigi stepping up to HD?. The sequel to the much loved GameCube title Luigi's Mansion could be more than just a handheld experience. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Luigi's Mansion

    Luigi's Mansion NTSC (m) (Datel) NNDX-H61J-7DKKF E5T5-4MNT-C865J Press D-Up to walk on ceiling (The Pizza Boy) RCUU-NFNM-2YMHB 35U4-PGXU-VCK8T GTWH-QPQY-H8A1Y UWXU-61F0-TT26W Press D-Down to walk on floor (The Pizza Boy) CPK8-6EPA-G2HHP Y78H-GGFB-NJ047 GTWH-QPQY-H8A1Y...
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