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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition - Update 1.6.640

    Patch notes below: Update Version 1.6.640 PC (Steam): 25.9MB FIXES Resolved issue preventing some mods from properly loading. Resolved an issue causing the player's Creation Credit balance to display incorrectly after immediately purchasing credits. Resolved issue preventing player from...
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    Problem Loading Psychic Force 2012

    I recently picked up a copy of Psychic Force 2012 (mainly so I could play it before 2012 was over ;) but also because it looked like an interesting and unique fighter) and I've been having some problems with it. When I first put it in, the Sega screen loaded but it stopped there - I let it...
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    Half-Life not loading

    Having a bit of trouble with a copy of Half-Life I got in the mail today. It started fine at first, I played the tutorial to get used to the DC controls and sat through that train ride at the start. (Can't believe I used to think that was the coolest thing ever way back in the day) But after...
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    PSP Game Loading problem

    I just upgraded my psp to 5.00 M33-6 with Prometheus but i get the error "Couldn't load game (80020321)" but the game im trying to run used to run perfectly back in my older version i think it was 3.33 m33 :S so i dont know what is the problem plz help me
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    Trouble Loading Certain ISOs on PSP Go

    Recently I've realized that certain games in ISO format have trouble loading on my PSP Go. I'm running 6.20 PRO Nightly. Two main games I'm having problems with are Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The reason I list them as separate games are because they are...
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    Help for loading ISO Games into PSP N1004PB

    Hello, I am new to PSP and also this forum. I downloaded some ISO games and I want to play these on my PSP. I kept the downloaded ISO files into PSP->GAME folder. But I cannot play the games. When I searched for this I found to create a ISO folder and copy the ISO files. I can't understand...
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    Help with ISO loading

    Okay, 5.50 Gen Prome-4 and 6.38 MEv2 are not able to play my Radiant Mythology ISO. Do i need to patch/decrypt it with ISO tool or something? If so, how would i go about doing tha
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    PSP turning itself off when loading

    Hi guys. I've got a fat PSP with 5.00 m33-6. I've never had a problem with it before, but last night I started getting an error code when trying to load an ISO. Now, all my other ISOs won't load, it hangs at the PSP screen and then the PSP turns itself off. It's not dodgy ISOs, as it's happening...
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    PSP Shuting Down After Loading Game In ISO LOADER

    sup guys i dont know much about psp but yea whenever i have a problem ineed to search the web for da right answer .... anyways i got this psp 3000 hacked with hen or whatever its called v6.35 i downloaded a few games some just shut down the psp with no message error or etc and this other game...
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    error when loading game

    I am currently running 5.00 m33-4 on my psp. howeverm when i try to run gran turismo or asassins creed it says, 'the game could not be started (80020148). please help
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    Loading game problem

    I downloaded a game , however when i try to play it it normaly shows the psp logo , after 3-5 seconds it turns all black and then after a few seconds it shuts down :S i tried the UMDGen , changing some properties in the recovery menu , charging and the no battery method , but none of them...
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    Problem w/ loading a backup.

    Hi guys. I have a PSP3004PB, 6.20 HEN TN-E. I'm using the Prometheus loader 0.1 Pretty much did anything by myself by reading and etc, but I have serious trouble with this. I own 3 legit games (2 from the bundle and 1 bought today) and I have no trouble with the playback of the first two...
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    Is there a prx to turn off the psp led loading light?

    I thought I seen a hack to shut off the loading LED light.
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    loading problem

    I just updated my psp from 6.35 pro to 6.39 pro b8 yesterday and installed a few plugins. Then I tried to play my brother in kizuna drive and noticed that my save data didnt load like it normally does and when i went to connect wirelessly, it would instantly disconect. After tht I tried all my...
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    problem in loading game..!

    Hey guys! I have a PSP which i bought from eBay. I recently bought a new game and it wont load. Is something to do with the firmware?
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