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  1. F

    Bases Loaded II: Second Season

    Hawaii Team Continue Passwords Effect Password 1-0 EQXAHBB 2-0 AUCWDGD
  2. F

    Bases Loaded 4

    Regular Season PasswordsEnter the following passwords for the final game in Regular Season. Effect Password Atlanta vs. Philadelphia (69-0) 20WPWRC945 Boston vs. Atlanta (69-0) R071B4W4R2 Chicago vs. Boston (69-0) 8D010RWDP2 Hawaii vs. Los Angeles (69-0) 17033K8FH5 Kansas City...
  3. F

    Bases Loaded

    [h=3]Bases Loaded[/HEADING] Typed out by cassanit DMG-BK-USA Bases Loaded for Game Boy Instruction Manual...
  4. I

    Dame Was Loaded

    hint: Betaal de huisbaas: Geef aan de herenkapper de wedden zakken. Hij zal je vragen of je een weddenschap wil maken. De kansen zijn 25:1. je zult genoeg geld nu hebben om de huisbaas te betalen. hint: een huwelijks aanzoek doen naar frankie: Geef aan Frankie de ring na het redden van...
  5. F

    Bases Loaded 96 Double Header

    Cheat Mode Before using the following codes you must enter cheat mode. To do so, start a new game and pause it. While paused, use Controller Two and press Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Circle. You'll hear a piano if you did this correctly. Note: This code must be entered before entering...
  6. F

    Dame Was Loaded Cheat Codes (for CD-i)

    Paying the landlord Give the betting slip to the barber. He'll ask you if you want to make a bet. The odds are 25:1. You will now have enough money to pay the landlord. | [Sent by DayleJ] Proposing to Frankie Give the ring to Frankie after rescuing her. She will respond that she has to...
  7. F

    Bases Loaded

    Bases Loaded 00C-63B-19A No walks 00C-66B-F7A 1 ball and you walk 02C-66B-F7A 2 balls and you walk 03C-66B-F7A 3 balls and you walk 04C-66B-F7A 5 balls and you walk 00C-77B-19A Outs aren't counted (baserunners will still be taken out) 003-8F8-E66 Number of outs to...
  8. F


    LOADED Yet another Manual by da king of da wackos... I'm getting faster at this :) again, just to have something on the net... so please do not remove my name from the file.. Thanks.. TABLE OF CONTENTS Intro 3 Character Assassinations 4 Starting the Game...
  9. F

    Bases loaded '96: Double header

    BASES LOADED '96: DOUBLE HEADER Manual Table of Contents Setting Up Your Game 2 Starting the Game 3 Selecting the Mode of Play 3 Game Standard Controller Summary 5 Selecting a Team 6 Selecting a Stadium...
  10. F

    Bases Loaded 4 game genie codes (for NES)

    Bases Loaded 4 SZNXGUVV Balls do not count SXOXYUVV Strikes do not count The game only shows up to 2 strikes and 3 balls PEOXGLZA 2 strikes and you're out LEOXGLZA 4 strikes and you're out AANZGLLA 1 ball and you walk PANZGLLA...
  11. F

    Bases Loaded 3 game genie codes (for NES)

    Bases Loaded 3 SXOPSEVV Some strikes aren't counted AEOPXAZA 1 strike and you're out PEOPXAZA 2 strikes and you're out SXKOXEVV Balls aren't counted SXOAIUVV Strike outs aren't counted PEOEGLLA Each strike out counts as...
  12. F

    Bases Loaded game genie codes (for NES)

    Bases Loaded PEOGOALA 1 strike and you're out--most of the time ZEOGOALA 2 strikes and you're out--most of the time SZOEVXVV Outs aren't counted PAOEUZZA Only 2 outs allowed AAOEUZZA Only 1 out allowed SXNAXOVV + SXSGUKVV...
  13. F

    Super Bases Loaded game genie codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Super NES Game Genie codes - Super Bases Loaded DDA1-A46D + DFA0-A76D + DFE0-6F6D Game lasts 1 inning D4A1-A46D + D7A0-A76D + D7E0-6F6D Game lasts 2 innings D0A1-A46D + D9A0-A76D + D9E0-6F6D Game lasts 3 innings D6A1-A46D + DBA0-A76D +...
  14. F

    Bases Loaded 4 (for NES)

    Bases Loaded 4 NES-BD-USA Bases Loaded 4 Instruction Booklet Jaleco(tm) --- Introduction Batter up! Jaleco hits another one out of the ballpark with Bases Loaded(r) 4(tm)... the ultimate experience for baseball fans who just want to get out there and play ball. We've included all the...
  15. F

    Bases Loaded Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Bases Loaded NES-LD-USA-1 Bases Loaded Instruction Manual --- Thanks for buying Jaleco's Bases Loaded. It's just one of many exciting new games we will bring out for your NES. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Story.............................4 The Controller........................5 The...
  16. F

    Bases Loaded 2

    Biorhythm stats Pay attention to your team's biorhythm stats. If a player is in a slump, send in a pinch hitter.
  17. F

    Bases Loaded Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Bean ball brawl Hit these players for a bean ball brawl! Oko Lynn Frieda Starr Warner Fendy Paste Debro Agua Bacon Marcus Caras
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