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    How to Host a Palworld Dedicated Server This article covers the following and will allow you to get your palworld server up & going in no time! Step 1 - Purchase a Server Step 2 - Set Up Your Gaming Server Log in to Game Panel Create the...
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    burning cdi backups on linux

    Hello Have anyone burnt cdi backup images(successfully) under linux? I tried this method: Tutorial: How to create and/or burn a Dreamcast disc in 5 minutes But failed. Everything seemed to work fine. Or at least i thought so. But what came out of my drive tray is completely useless. On dc it...
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    Dreamcast Linux. How much potential does it have?

    My main hard drive with windows 7 took a crap recently, so I'm moving to linux probably for good. After looking around at different distros and desktop enviroments I can see why the Dreamcast linux port is pretty neat Is there any potential in Linux on Dreamcast? How well would an ultra light...
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    RemoteJoyLite Linux

    im pretty sure the actual EXE would work under wine but the problem lies with USB PSP Driver B. how would i get that on lets say Ubuntu? does it even work with linux at all?
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    Linux on the PSP

    Is there anyway I could run linux from my PSP, like use it to search the net and write notes and that kind of thing? I was looking on the net and saw a type of linux but I couldn't figure out what you'd use it for.
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