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    Driver: Parallel Lines

    All vehiclesInput CARSHOW at the cheat screen in the options menu.
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    Microsoft tech may help Walmart get rid of cashiers and checkout lines

    Enlarge / Microsoft in Dublin, Ireland. (credit: Red Agenda / Flickr) A report from Reuters suggests that Microsoft is looking to take on Amazon in the retail store space. Microsoft is reportedly working on technology that removes the need for cashiers and checkout lines in stores, similar to...
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    Horizontal Lines Problem

    Have any of you CRT enthusiasts ever encountered this issue? (It's hard to notice because it's a picture, but see those horizontal lines at the top of the screen?) IMG_20150731_220241.jpg So what's the problem with my TV? I have read online that it's the capacitors. but all of them look fine...
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    Horizontal Lines

    Hi. What's causing the horizontal lines. It's usually on the character that's moving. Is it the PC-CRT (retro look without the cost of a BVM monitor which would be a great buy someday or a PVM monitor), the RetroBit VGA box, the lens or something else in the Dreamcast? It also occurs when it's...
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    PSP 2001 LCD Screen Lines

    Just wondering if i need to replace the lcd screen or is there something else to fix this. The problem is i have like 3 or 4 see threw lines vertically on the left side of my screen when something goes in them it makes like a double image especially on the left edge is all blurred and doubled kinda.
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    Blood Lines

    Art Gallery Enter LEONARDO as a password and select the Art Gallery as an option. | [Sent by KiwiDude] Expert Mode Enter SKUPASTYLE as a password. You can now select the Expert difficulty level. | [Sent by KiwiDude] Play as Angor Enter CLAWEDFIST as a password. | [Sent by KiwiDude] Play as...
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    Driver parallel lines [RDVE41]

    infinite money 4A000000 80000000 80C14C08 000F4240 80C1EA10 000F423F working on a moon jump, invincibility, infinite ammo for all guns, perment whille on motor cycle, and more!
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