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    Free Minecraft 15 Year Anniversary Map

    Free Minecraft 15 Year Anniversary Map View:
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    Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition — Deluxe Set

    Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition — Deluxe Set View:
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    Unwrapping the ONLY X-Men '97 Xbox Series X

    Unwrapping the ONLY X-Men '97 Xbox Series X
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    Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night get Limited Edition Trailers

    Atlus has released a fresh new trailer showing off the limited edition versions of their upcoming rhythm games, Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night, and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night. And who better to show off these limited items? None other than everyone's favorite questionable businessman...
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    Sonic Adventure: Limited Edition

    OK so I was browsin' the Goodwill today and came across: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (DC) And Sonic Adventure Limited Edition. SA:LE had it's original case but no manual and the case was cracked. The GD was is OK condition but only OK. Bought it, on a whim for 2 dollars along with THPS2 for 2...
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    Limited BBA

    Just more a question that stays in my head....why are the number of BBA's so limited if the dreamcast was still selling in Japan til 2006? Wouldn't it have made sense to make BBA standard DCs considering Broadband was king by like 2004-2005?
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    Fake Limited Edition Sega Consoles

    I just found this NTSC-U Metallic Silver Dreamcast on eBay. I'm pretty sure it's just spray painted but what do you think? I thought there were only two Dreamcasts released in North America. The Black Sega Sports Edition and the regular model. Correct me if I'm wrong. Dreamcast Metallic...
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    CHERRY BLOSSOM Limited Edition ?

    Okay so I have tired to look up info on this game. All I can find is just Ebay links to the limited edition. So I have some questions about it and I hope you guys can answer them for me. What comes in the limited edition? Whats this game about? How much should I pay for a copy? Is it...
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    Shenmue Limited Edition.. is it rare?

    Years back when I owned a DC I had the regular edition of Shenmue, now that I am in the market trying to obtain all my old DC stuff back I noticed Shenmue had a limited edition with a soundtrack CD. Is it considered rare? Or not really? I'm seeing a difference in price of about 15-20 bucks on...
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    redspot announces sturmwind limited edition

    damn this looks hot, it might just as well be a dreamcast direct title. I wish sega would acknowledge them & let em put the swirl on the box, this one really deserves it Redspot: The #1 Games Blog
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    Sonic Adventure Limited Edition Value

    Does anyone know what its worth? I cant seem to get a good gauge on it from Ebay. I have a copy my older brother gave to me eight years ago, its just the CD. Its in a case with artwork and manual from the typical version of Sonic Adventure.
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    PlayStation 4 voice commands limited to a few basics, not supported by all third-party apps

    Unlike the Xbox One's philosophy with Kinect voice commands that control everything from turning on the console to searching the online store, the PlayStation 4's camera / mic array can only interpret a handful of relatively basic voice commands. The console can't be "woken" while in standby...
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    All Darksiders 2 pre-orders get Limited Edition

    Plus a Collector's Edition is revealed. THQ has announced that every Darksiders 2 pre-order will get a Limited Edition of the game at no extra cost. Click here to read the full article More...
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    New Limited Edition DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY PSP Entertainment Pack

    so will it have 5.50+ when it comes out?
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